Recruitment Tools

Recruitment Tool Kit

No one can provide automotive career information as credibly as you, the dealer.  As part of SPCC's  Career Connections program, a Recruitment Tool Kit has been designed to help dealerships connect with students in their area high schools to let them know about the many lucrative career opportunities available in franchised dealerships.  

This can be accomplished through classroom presentations, dealership tours, small group Q & A, job shadowing and more.   The Recruitment Tool Kits are intended to be assembled and tailored to your own needs, or, the items can be purchased separately.  

Recruitment Tool Kit

Choose from the Dealership Recruitment Kit, the "Jobs" brochure or the Infographic and Infographic poster (available in 2 sizes: 8.5" x 8.5" or 24" x 24")


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Employers -  Automotive Youth Educational Systems (AYES)

Technical and Educational Training 

Automotive Youth Educational Systems (AYES) is a series of Business and Education partnerships at various levels – national, regional, and state, between both automotive dealers and aftermarket service employers, and with high school automotive technology schools at the local level.  Business partners include manufacturers of vehicles, parts, tools, and equipment at the corporate level; regional and local dealer and retail trade associations, state departments of labor and education, and automotive service providers in the community.

The purpose of AYES is to develop career-ready, entry-level automotive technicians and service personnel.  High school automotive technology students are presented the opportunity and guidance to explore rewarding automotive careers and provide them the tools and support to learn, develop and practice the technical, academic and employment skills needed for success. The capstone of the AYES model is a 320-hour workplace internship, usually during the summer between the junior and senior year working alongside a trained and qualified mentor – usually an ASE-certified Master Technician.  The student prepares for entry-level career positions or advanced studies in automotive technology and earn the age-and rank-appropriate credentials industry and education seek for accountability.

What’s in it for You?
AYES is building the bridge between bright, technically-oriented young people who are exploring career options and automotive employers who urgently need talented service technicians. Participating with an AYES school gives you priority access to the technicians of tomorrow. 

Through its employers and school partners, AYES strives to enhance the public image of the automotive industry and careers, build local partnerships between employers and high-quality schools, and foster positive working environments with automotive employers.  Employers today are in competition for qualified employees, not only among themselves but also among restaurants, mass marketers, retail outlets, and many other professions and trades.   It's imperative that employers reach out to young people and their parents to explain the challenges and rewards in pursuing a retail automotive career.  AYES is helping in this effort by providing "how-to" ideas and support materials on conducting employer tours for educators and youngsters, offering job shadowing opportunities, and taking part in career days and career fairs at local schools.  AYES allows you the chance to not only help a future technician but also mentor them to become your highly skilled employee of the future.

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